Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center

Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center

A warm and welcoming studio with a community of loving souls willing to embrace and support you on your journey towards health, peace, and purpose.

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Reiki Healing - $75
Gentle, non invasive, hands on healing designed to provide stress relief, pain management and overall well-being.
Private Yoga - $65
Whether you are looking for personal care, or wanting a time that works for you and your friends or family, private yoga can be adapted to your needs. You pick the time, date & style of yoga you want. Up to 6 participants for the low price of $65! Additional guests just $8.
Tarot Reading - $65
Intuition is a powerful gift that speaks in whispers and through images. Learn to access your wisdom and gain insight to your path through a reading today. 30-60 minute appts. available.
Tarot Reading - $35
Intuition is a powerful gift that speaks in whispers and through images. Learn to access your wisdom and gain insight to your path through a reading today. 30-60 minute appts. available.
Shiatsu - $100
Shiatsu, a Japanese word for “finger pressure,” is a form of bodywork similar to acupressure that restores the balance of energy (chi) in the body. Balanced chi promotes physical comfort, improves immunity, and strengthens and stabilizes emotional and physical health.

A private Shiatsu session will last about an hour. You will lie comfortably on a futon on the floor, fully clothed. There are no needles, no oils. Kyle will gently press, stretch and otherwise manipulate your limbs to encourage the flow of energy.
Personal Sound Healing - $75
Using the healing frequencies of Himalayan and Crystal Healing bowls, Shaman drumming and vocal toning, personal sound healing encourages you to deeply relax and let go. Sound vibrations have been scientifically proven to break up blockages to energy fields and may even promote the body to heal itself.

This session is designed to focus completely on you and your intentions of wellness. The practitioner will place bowls on or around your body designed to target specific chakras, hormonal/glandular systems or deep blocks to balanced energy. Reiki, crystals or energy healing may also be included. You will be given at least 10 minutes of silence after the treatment for your body to process the healing frequencies.

Private Sound Baths can be arranged for groups up to 6 at the same price. Additional guests just $10.
Crystal Energy Healing - $75
Have you ever experienced the healing powers of crystals? Often, in Reiki treatments, crystals are added to enhance the energy of Reiki. A full crystal treatment is quite different. You will consult with the crystal specialist, who then decides which crystals are best for your needs, and where to best place them. You will then lay down, fully clothed, on a heated massage table for 20-30 minutes, listening to soft music, while the crystals generate the balance your body needs.

This is a lovely quiet time for you to snuggle under blankets, rest and allow the healing to take place. The healer will then return, scan your body and remove the crystals when you are ready. The results may be remarkable!

Try a crystal healing session today! Consultation and treatment is just $75 and includes 3 crystals to take home and continue the healing.
Facial Rejuvenation - $80
Facial rejuvenation is a gentle and effective treatment that makes you look and feel youthful and radiant using a light suction method. Glass suction cups specifically designed for the face are used to create suction. This suction tones and lifts your facial muscles, reduces under eye puffiness, and plumps your muscles literally giving you a face lift.
Benefits of this facial rejuvenation treatment are:
-stimulates collagen production
-eliminates puffiness
-enhances a facial glow
-helps topical products absorb into skin better
-reduces fine line and wrinkles
-shrinks size of pores
-sinus pressure and inflammation will decrease
-increased circulation to skin
-increased nutrients brought to the skin
-completely painless and leaves no marks ...

And much, much more!

The true magic of this facial is the negative pressure created by the light suction. The suction is the complete opposite of what we are used to in life because therapies push and compress into the skin. This particular style of treatment creates space for movement, flow and deep nourishment.

Come experience this facial rejuvenation treatment with Anu and turn back the hands of time!
Quantum Healing - $90
Quantum Healing is a release of the negative experiences and emotions at the cellular level, that when tapped into can break those old patterns and habits permanently, giving you a new perspective and allowing solutions to flow freely.
Soul Contract Reading - $125
A Soul Contract Reading is decoding your soul’s “blueprint” which is hidden within your birth name so you can manifest your soul’s purpose. Receiving a reading gives you a clear map of your life’s path and helps you to align with it.
Spiritual Direction - $75
Spiritual Direction is a unique and sacred opportunity for you to find a deeper meaning in your daily life; a connection to your spiritual self. Whether you attend churh, synagogue, temple or none of these, Jerry provides a safe and comfortable place to explore spiritual issues that are important to you.
Is Spiritual Direction right for you? Do you want to:

Identify and trust your own experiences of God
Integrate spirituality into your daily life
Explore your spiritual beginnings and what inspires you today
Make spiritual decisions at the crossroads
Learn new ways of prayer and spiritual practices
Develop your own rites of celebration
Explore a new spiritual path
Find out if you are a mystic, contemplative, a prophet, or missionary
Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice going back thousands of years. In Spiritual Direction you enter a relationship to encourage your spiritual growth and come closer to the Divine.

This practice and approach to Spiritual Direction is not affiliated with any church or denomination.

This practice abides by the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) codes of ethics.


Yoga - $15
Directions 3120 Belair Drive, Bowie, MD, United States